MPOS Product Catalog Features That Make Your Life Easier

Dream Payments Synchronized Product Catalog
Product Catalog features that make your life easier.
We're always trying to make running your business easier so you can spend time doing the other things that matter most. Check out some of the latest product catalog features in the Dream mobile app below.
Catalog Sync
Managing your product catalog within the Dream mobile app is simple. Changes to your catalog will automatically update across all your devices. Simply enter the product details into the catalog once, and you can access it within the Dream app on all your other smartphones and tablet devices.
Real-time Updates
When a change is made to your catalog, a notification will display within the Dream app on your other devices as soon as they happen, keeping all your information up-to-date. 
Product Categories
Products and services can now be grouped into categories for a quick and easy way to find and select your products during a purchase. You can add any categories that make sense for your business, no matter what your business is.
How to manage your catalog on multiple devices
Follow these 4 simple steps 
Step 1. 
Download our latest application (v1.3.0) onto each of your iOS and Android devices.
Step 2. 
Login to the mobile application from your first device. Your existing catalog will automatically upload to Dream so it will be accessible by your other devices. The first device you login with will automatically establish a master catalog. 
Step 3. 
Login to the mobile application from your second device. At this time you 
will be presented with the screen below and you will have with the following 2 options:
Dream MPOS Catalog Sync Screen 1
Option 1
Add products to the shared catalog
This option will combine the catalog items on your second device with the items that have already been synchronized.
Leave the checkbox "On" if you want the catalog from your second device to be uploaded and combined with the catalog from your first device. 
Dream MPOS Catalog Sync Screen 2
Option 2
Only use the shared catalog
This option will replace the catalog on your second device with the items that have already been uploaded from your first device.
If you de-select the checkbox, you get the popup warning. If you accept, the result will be Delete products on the current device and download the main catalog.
Please ensure you only select this option if you are certain you would like to remove all the items stored on your second device.
Step 4. 
Repeat Step #3 for all other devices.
Sales History

Finding specific transactions is now easier. You can search your sales history based on order number, or use the new sales history filters to quickly find previous transactions based on date and transaction type. 
Dream MPOS App Sales History Screen
Dropbox Logo
Quick Tip
Some users have tonnes of pictures on their laptop or desktop and wonder how to get all of those images over to their smartphone or tablet, and then into their product catalog.
By using Dropbox you can simply move all your product pictures into a Dropbox folder on your desktop or laptop computer. Download the Dropbox app to your mobile device and get full access to all your pictures just like that.
Dropbox syncs all the files in your Dropbox folder to the cloud and across all your approved devices. It's also a great tool for sharing pictures and files with others. The first 2 GB are free, and you can easily earn more free space.