Allowing Your Team to Accept Payments Will Grow Your Business!

MPOS Card Readers for your whole team
Make it easier for your customers to pay

Whether you need to power a salesforce that's on the go, or to provide your customers with the ability to checkout on the spot, making it easier for your customers to pay will help you to grow your business!

Dream now supports Staff Users allowing you to provide each member of your team with their own card reader, or even share multiple devices. This multi-user feature allows business owners to easily create Supervisor and Employee accounts for staff with predefined levels of access, giving you more options and more control.

Staff User Chart
Employee Users

Employee Users have the ability to accept payments on behalf of your business. They can view their own transaction stats and the full set of transaction history so they can help customers who may have made a purchase with another member of your team. They view all this information from their mobile app but they do not have access to the online web dashboard.

Employee Users are restricted to accepting payments and accessing basic information so they don't have access to sensitive info such as banking details, deposits etc. Employees can be given permission to perform refunds. To grant permission to an Employee User, select the ‘Enable Refunds’ box when adding them. This option can also be enabled or disabled by contacting our Customer Success Team.

To make sure your team is always up and running, Employee Users can also add card readers if needed.

Supervisor Users

These users can do everything that an employee can do. In addition, Supervisors have the ability to log into the web dashboard to view overall transaction summaries, history, and reports. However, they cannot see banking details, deposits, or merchant statements. Supervisors have the ability to process refunds.

Employee Access Levels
Features Employee Supervisor Owner
Mobile App
View individual sales transaction history
View individual sales transactions across business
Search Sales History (date and transactions)
Dashboard - Personal View
Dashboard - Business View  
Process Refunds
Edit Taxes    
Edit Tips    
Edit Product Catalog    
Add new Card Readers
Web Dashboard  
View transaction summaries  
View transaction history  
View/Generate reports  
Staff User Search  
View/Edit banking details    
View deposits    
View merchant statements    
Simultaneous Use of Card Readers

With the ability to create additional accounts comes the added ability to process payments at the same time across multiple card readers. No need to worry about who else might be accepting a payment at the same time, everyone can accept payments and as the owner you can see what's happening in real-time straight from your Dream dashboard.

Product Catalog Sync

Updating your product catalog in your mobile app will automatically sync to all your employees devices! This ensures your team always has the latest products and pricing no matter where they are.

Note: As the business owner only you will have the ability to edit your product catalog going forward.

How To Create Employee Accounts

To create additional accounts for your employees simply follow the 4 easy steps below:

1. Sign in to your web dashboard here
Sign in to your web dashboard
2. Navigate to Settings

From the Menu tabs select Settings and under the Business Settings select Staff Users.

Navigate to Settings
3. Select "Add Staff User" Button
Select "Add Staff User"
4. Enter employee details and select "Submit"
Enter employee details and select "Submit"
5. You're done!
You're done!
What Happens Next

Your Staff Users will receive a email from Dream to complete the setup process. Once the email is received the employee can complete the setup and login to the mobile app to begin using their account. All payments performed by your employees using your devices and the account you’ve registered them with will settle into the bank account you connected to Dream.

If you need help remember you can always call the Dream Support Team at 1-877-260-2558 or contact us via email at [email protected].

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