Save Time on Social Advertising

Save Time on Social Advertising

We’ve all seen it – stunning visuals and enticing stories that grab our attention online so we click and engage. A cute outfit or handbag that is screaming our name. Coffee we want (or need!) right now. Or a gorgeous dish that we absolutely must try at a hot new restaurant around the corner.

Without a doubt, social media is an effective and cost-effective way to spread the word about your business. The audiences are huge and technology can help you target the exact demographic you want to reach. Hello, coffee and handbag lovers!

Facebook has 1.86 billion active monthly users as of February 2017, which makes it simply too influential to ignore. Instagram is a big deal too. It has taken mobile photo sharing by storm and boasts a community of more than 700 million users.

“Engagement on Instagram is super high. That’s why many of the top brands in the world are on Instagram,” says Larry Kim, an executive, entrepreneur and columnist. “In addition, Instagram can help drive business and generate income for your company -- even if you’re a small business.”

Get the Advantage

Most entrepreneurs don’t go into business to master social media, which can take dozens of hours each month. With a tool like Vantage, you can spend time running your business instead while optimized social media campaigns engage your audience, grow your community and generate recurring revenue.

In addition to increased brand awareness, businesses using Vantage are seeing an average return on investment of 10x as of April 2017. More simply put, their ads are generating at least 10 times more revenue that they cost to run.

“We used to run Facebook ads manually. It takes a lot of time and effort to go in and build a campaign. It also takes many hours every month to optimize your campaigns and do the reporting,” said Christian Ali, Chief Marketing Officer for Dream Payments. “Business owners don’t typically have the time or expertise to do this effectively. Tools like Vantage are great for businesses of all sizes to add to their toolkit. Even better is that it’s also really intuitive, so you can learn it in about 15 minutes.”

Vantage provides a central platform for businesses to easily manage multiple campaigns across Facebook and Instagram. This makes it easier than ever to showcase new products and services, clients and customers loving your brand, plus anything else that will draw in your target demographic. Time and effort are minimized, so you can quickly spin up effective campaigns and monitor them through real-time reporting. Vantage offers customers the ability to test hundreds of ads to better understand what converts casual browsers into buyers, and completely takes on campaign optimization to ensure you are never spending money on bad ads.

Whether you are a bricks and mortar business, an e-commerce store or both, Vantage helps you learn what resonates with consumers so you can improve your marketing campaigns.

Vantage allows you to focus on the areas that matter most as it relates to marketing across social channels. With Vantage you can:

  • Generate brand awareness and recurring revenue using targeted ads.
  • Reach people in a specific area to bring more customers to your shop.
  • Target audiences based on customer behaviour, interests and purchase behaviour.
  • Attract new customers, convert website visitors and re-engage past customers.
  • Test images and ad copy to see what resonates with shoppers, then refresh your campaigns.
  • Monitor your e-commerce business in real-time with your own dashboard.

“If you look at the market today, consumers are more engaged with businesses than ever. Social media is the best place to start growing your e-commerce business. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your brand, build relationships with customers, and most importantly sell,” said Paige Gerber, Head of Marketing at Vantage.

Ultimately, Vantage is helping businesses save 90% of the time it takes to create social media advertising campaigns and 100% of the time to optimize.

“Using Vantage is as easy as clicking a few buttons, dropping in your copy and images and hitting run, then we take care of the rest,” adds Paige Gerber. “Our goal is to make it simple for businesses to strategically attract and convert customers on social and have a source of recurring revenue they can count on.”

To get your social media mojo going, check out Vantage today.