Maximizing Your Value to Customers: 7 Tips to Increase Satisfaction and Sales

7 Tips to Increase Satisfaction and Sales

Every time you interact with a customer there is a chance to grow your business. The most successful entrepreneurs recognize this, but they also know that businesses are built on so much more than sales.

Selling is important – and one of the easiest ways to increase your revenue is to sell more to your existing customers. Ever been asked if you want to upsize your drink? Make it a combo? Most of us have.

Yet, at the same time, an authentic attitude and great customer service contributes equally to your bottom line.

Here are seven tips to help you increase your sales and satisfy your customers.

  1. Be approachable and trustworthy.

    Customers like to know that help is there if they need it. Make eye contact and greet everyone with a genuine smile. Ask about their day and how you can assist them. Then listen carefully and offer helpful recommendations. Being personable, pleasant and ready to lend a hand will earn the trust of your customers.

  2. Make your business a place where customers want to be and browse.

    Whether it’s a permanent or pop-up location, think about the atmosphere you want to create. Your décor, music and the way you merchandise all play an important role. Customers also love coffee, treats and free samples. Play this up to get people in the door while showing them you value the relationship and their business.

  3. Offer a class or teach a new skill.

    Every entrepreneur has talents to share. Restaurants and businesses with a focus on food can offer cooking demonstrations. Photography stores and studios can teach clients how to take better photos with their digital cameras. Décor shops can offer decorating classes. Artists can show beginners how to create their own works. Book stores can invite new authors to read from their latest publication or ask customers to join a monthly book club. The possibilities are endless. A bit of creativity will attract passersby and keep customers in your store longer.

  4. Market to existing customers.

    When you ask for a customer’s email address, state your intentions honestly. If you simply ask for it, they may say no. Instead, consider asking where you can send information about upcoming specials, new inventory similar to items they’ve already bought or a coupon to say thank you for your business. Allowing customers to opt-in to your email list via your website is also a good idea.

    Once you’ve built a customer email list, treat it with respect. Consider an online email management solution like MailChimp, which you can start using for free and upgrade as your marketing efforts increase. Segment your customers into different lists according to their interests and preferences. This will help you reach out with genuine and personalized offers.

  5. Upsell – but not too hard.

    You can help your customers by offering them better versions of the same product they are purchasing. Examples include a laptop with more memory or storage space, a digital camera with a better lens, glasses with anti-scratch coating, coffee in a travel mug, a larger bottle of shampoo or framing for a piece of art. The idea is to encourage customers to spend more on a product or service that they already want and value.

  6. Cross-sell – read your customer.

    This is another sales technique that can offer value for your customers and increase sales for your business. Introduce companion items from other product or service categories – like batteries and extended warranties for electronics, a tripod for a camera, a vase for flowers, a facial with a manicure, fries with a burger or a muffin with your customer’s morning coffee.

  7. Add value and always remain genuine.

    If someone asks for your opinion, be honest. Everyone doesn’t look amazing in the same shirt. Instead of stretching the truth to get the sale, offer alternatives that may be more suitable. A happy customer will become a loyal customer and adding value to their journey will make you feel good too.

By following these tips, you’ll have satisfied customers who want to spend more money with your business. They’ll likely also recommend you to family, friends and colleagues, which will boost your sales even more.