How Salons and Spas Can Improve Retail Sales

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Services are at the heart of any hair salon or spa.  Happy clients come back again and again for your expert cut, styling and colour or to get a great facial, waxing, manicure and pedicure.

But mention retail and many stylists and estheticians immediately think, “I’m not a salesperson!”

Perhaps it’s the way we think about retail products and present recommendations to clients that is in dire need of a makeover?

Here are six tips to increase retail revenue while maintaining the trust of your clients:

  1. Avoid the sales pitch.

    Clients spend a lot of time in your chair and chatting helps you get to know each other.  It also gives you and your staff an opportunity to educate clients about the products you’ve carefully selected.  Sharing those benefits during the wash, cut, colouring, styling, filing or nail painting process will help your clients learn how to maintain their hair and nails between appointments.  It also means that you are not just pushing products when you process payments.

  2. Focus on education.

    If someone goes into a big box store to buy hair or other beauty products, they are usually guessing what will work best for them.  As an expert, you have valuable knowledge of ingredients, techniques, hair types, colour trends and skin care.  Education and honest recommendations will help you earn the confidence of your clients.

  3. Educate your staff too.

    Encourage your entire team to understand the unique benefits of the products you sell.  Teach them what you know and offer training opportunities.  Make sure they’ve tried your products personally and/or use them in their daily work.

  4. Sell products you believe in.

    From shampoo and conditioner, curling irons and blow dryers to facial creams, serums and nail polish, actually using the products you sell is extremely important.  “The biggest thing is to believe in your product and to own it yourself,” says Maria Palumbo of Specchio Hair Design.  “Be a loyal customer to that product, so you are selling things you love and that you believe in.”

  5. Be trustworthy.

    Clients place a great deal of trust in their hairstylist and esthetician.  Building and maintaining an honest relationship will keep them coming back.  On the flip side, clients will know that you don’t have their best interests in mind if you push products they don’t need.  Be authentic in your recommendations by suggesting items that help keep hair and skin healthy, maintain style and colour, and meet a client’s individual needs.

  6. Bundles are not always more beneficial to your business.

    Some brands and salons pre-package shampoo, conditioner and a styling product to boost sales, but that’s not always advisable.  “A client might need the styling aid but the shampoo and conditioner are not necessarily right for their hair type or vice versa,” says Paul Syme, stylist at Hey Red in Toronto.  “They may get great shampoo and conditioner, then spend an extra few dollars for a styling product that they’ll never use.  That’s how people end up with drawers full of products that don’t work for them.”  Offering products on an as-needed, ala carte basis helps build trust and keeps clients happy.

With a focus on education instead of sales, your clients will be empowered to use the products that are right for them.  Remember, they value your opinion and skills to keep them feeling and looking their very best.

So be honest.  Answer questions.  And recommend items you use in your own salon, spa and personal beauty routine.  Your clients will thank you for providing education instead of a sales pitch.