Go Mobile: 10 Apps to Keep Your Business Booming

Go Mobile: 10 Apps to Keep Your Business Booming

Smartphones are one of the most important tools for a business owner. There’s an app for just about everything an entrepreneur needs to succeed.

Over 50% of successful small business owners are regularly using up to five different mobile apps to keep their organizations running according to a study by Intuit Canada. And, there’s no question that mobile apps are a virtual gold mine for small and medium-sized businesses that want to improve efficiency and extend their productivity or reach.

As of January 2017, the App Store alone has more than 2.2 million apps for the iPhone and iPad. There are also millions of apps available for Android, Blackberry and Windows users.

We spoke with successful entrepreneurs to see which apps they are using and/or recommend. With new ones being produced every day, it’s hard to pick and choose exactly which apps could best benefit your specific business, but here are 10 that just might fit the bill:

  1. Hubdoc

    The paperless office is here! Hubdoc is a document management app that digitizes and extracts key information from your business documents, stores them in one place online and allows you to search them by keywords. Whether it’s a receipt or a contract, your information will always be at your fingertips. The real value in Hubdoc is in its ability to scan and organize financial documents, like bills, statements and invoices, then share everything with your bookkeeper and/or accountant. Hubdoc also integrates directly with accounting solutions like QuickBooks.

  2. Expensify

    Expensify boasts “one-click expense reports in real time”. With over four million users worldwide, this app is a leader in expense report management, receipt tracking and business travel. Whether your business has one or 100 employees, Expensify helps ensure you don’t lose receipts or waste time with spreadsheets. From snapping photos of your receipts to providing detailed expense reports, it streamlines tax compliance and takes care of your expense management needs. It can also be used to track mileage and time. And, like Hubdoc, it offers accounting integrations with QuickBooks and more.

  3. Jobber

    Jobber is great for small and medium-sized businesses that provide customer services in the field including handymen, plumbers, electricians, lawn care providers, house and carpet cleaners, pest control, computer repairs and more. It allows you to keep track of every client interaction, which is super useful for solopreneurs and businesses with employees alike, and quickly pass the information on to others within your organization. Scheduling, quoting and invoicing features help businesses stay organized. There’s even a built-in billing system that provides one-click invoicing with tracking and reporting.

  4. Camcard

    Business cards, in one form or another, have been exchanged for over four centuries. And why not? They are a quick and efficient way of trading contact information, especially in busy places like markets, trade shows conferences and more. The problem is keeping track of them all. That’s where Camcard comes in.

    With over 100 million users in 16 languages, Camcard scans business cards with your smartphone camera and stores the information for quick and easy retrieval later. You can even add notes and export the customer data to Excel or CRM applications like Salesforce, SugarCRM, Google Contacts and Outlook Contacts. Information can also be synched across all of your devices. Following up with prospects and business contacts has never been easier!

  5. Insightly

    Managing customer relationships is important for any small or medium-sized business. If you’re not ready for a CRM like Salesforce, you can turn to Insightly, which helps organize and manage information on your customers, as well as vendors and partners, so you can nurture relationships and attract repeat business. Everything you need to know about your customers and their needs is just a click away. You can sync your calendar too so you’ll never miss a deadline or meeting, share files and even send out marketing emails through Insightly’s integration with MailChimp.

  6. Dream Payments

    With Dream Payments you can accept Interac® Debit, Chip and PIN credit cards, contactless cards and mobile wallets like Samsung Pay and Apple Pay from anywhere using your mobile device. And with no monthly fees and affordable transaction fees, Dream eliminates the expense and complexity of traditional point-of-sale solutions. Dream is also the only point of sale solution that accepts Interac® Debt and credit cards and integrates with QuickBooks Online. All payments accepted through Dream seamlessly update in QuickBooks Online so your accounting is automatically done.

  7. Wunderlist

    It has been said that to-do lists are the foundation of an organized and healthy business. A simple list of tasks checked off as they’re completed will certainly give any business owner a feeling of accomplishment.

    Wunderlist is an app that helps you get things done by managing multiple projects and, as your business grows, helping people work together. You can create an endless number of lists, set reminders and deadlines, delegate tasks, add notes and more. If you’re looking for an app to help keep you organized and encourage collaboration with anyone, you might want to put this one at the top of your list.

  8. TSheets

    TSheets is another app that can help as your business grows, offering time tracking for a mobile workforce. It allows managers to build and share work schedules with employees, and assign jobs and shifts. Employees can see their latest schedule in real time, receive notifications when their schedule changes, clock in and out, and track the time spent on specific projects.

    As a business owner, you can see exactly where your employees are when they clock in and out plus know their location throughout the day. TSheets also keeps track of vacation, sick and holiday accruals for each employee, and allows them to submit requests for time off.

  9. Wagepoint

    Depending on how many employees you have, Wagepoint could be a time saver you can’t do without. When it comes to payroll, it does all the calculations for you. The online payroll solution will even figure out statutory holiday obligations, a feature that businesses with hourly employees find especially useful.

    Once your payroll is approved, your company’s bank account will automatically be debited, and your employees or contractors will receive their pay directly in their bank accounts on pay day. If your payroll doesn’t change very often, there is an auto-approve feature you can set to ensure employees are paid when you are away. Wagepoint will even submit payments directly to CRA and provide your employees with access to their pay stubs, T4s and other year-end tax statements.

  10. QuickBooks Online

    QuickBooks Online helps keep all your income and expenses organized in one place. Send and track invoices plus record all your bills, purchases and expenses to keep track of all the money your business is spending. Many apps, including several mentioned in this blog post, integrate directly with QuickBooks too. You can even download all of your bank transactions. Mobile access is included with your subscription at no additional cost.

As the world becomes increasingly mobile, it’s no surprise that so many successful Canadian small businesses are using mobile apps to keep their organizations running. They can help you keep your business organized, manage customer relationships, accept payments, invoice for services, check in on operations and gain insight into your business from anywhere at any time.