Four Tips to Help Your Business Rock the Festival Season

Four Tips to Help Your Business Rock the Festival Season

Spring is here and that means music fans are gearing up for another festival season – from Coachella, Hangout Fest, Sasquatch! and Governors Ball to Bonnaroo, Warped Tour, Lollapalooza and more.

With the biggest names in music ready to rock hundreds of thousands of consumers in all corners of the country, the coming months are just the ticket for your retail business to benefit from trending events. Here are four tips to put your business in the spotlight.

  1. Stage your store with festival trends.

    In addition to the music, festivals are multi-day fashion extravaganzas. Festivalgoers travel from far and wide to join the party. Those who don’t attend in person still consume content online and buy related fashion wares. For example, if photos of celebrity Coachella attendees wearing off-the-shoulder blouses and dresses are going viral, you can be sure it will be hard to keep those items in stock in your shop regardless of your geographic location.

  2. Introduce customer curation.

    Festivals have always looked to fans to influence their annual events. This year, Delaware’s Firefly Music Festival is taking things a step further and allowing the audience to determine absolutely everything. While you don’t have to go this far, start a conversation with your customers about things they love – from items you stock to store décor.

    This can be accomplished in many ways – by speaking with them in person, assigning a staff member to give customers a call, through email or online surveys. Then once you have the information, be sure to deliver, just like a screeching guitar solo!

  3. Add your customers to “the list.”

    At a concert, everyone wants to feel like a VIP. We can’t all be on the backstage guest list, but smart promoters are creating prestigious packages that make fans feel important. They include everything from early entry, souvenir laminates, air conditioned tents, private washrooms or a meet-and-greet photo op with the band. You can be sure the festival is marketing to these folks pre-show, on-site and after the event using a variety of technologies.

    To make your customers feel like VIPs, create email lists using tools like iContact, Constant Contact and MailChimp or introduce marketing automation using a solution like Marketo. Segment your audience according to their individual preferences, create content that sings and send out personalized messages. This VIP treatment will create encores for your business.

  4. Create a pop-up shop.

    As Coachella does for two weekends a year in Indio, California, music festivals pop up to dominate social media and entertainment news for a short time. Why not bring this same thinking to your business?

    Create a buzz by taking your shop mobile to a secret location that you market to your email lists, via social and to traditional media too. Be sure to deliver as promised, with great merchandise, bonuses for those who make the trip and photo opportunities that customers can share with their friends. Regardless of what you’re selling, you’ll want a reliable mobile payment app with debit and credit card processing so you don’t have to turn away customers who don’t have cash.

    You can also create fandemonium in your own shop with rare or limited edition items, a special guest, a party atmosphere with food and drinks or anything else that would draw in your target audience.

Even when you’re miles away, these four tips will help your business rock the festival-loving masses. So go big with your ideas, let creativity be your opening act and then leave everything you’ve got on the stage! Your business – and your customers – will thank you.