6 Tips to Establish Yourself as an Expert in a Service-Based Business

6 Tips to Establish Yourself as an Expert in a Service-Based Business

At some point, all service-based entrepreneurs must grow their audience to attract more clients. A great way to see great success in growing your audience – and earning higher fees for the work you do – is to showcase your expertise. You have a lot of valuable information that your ideal clients need to know, but unless you share that knowledge, your perfect clients won't be able to see how much of an expert you really are. Here are six ways to show them.

  1. Publish your own stories and tips.

    Share your knowledge through online channels, like a blog, podcast and social media feeds. Let your personality and expertise shine! Before you know it, people will start to follow you and share your posts with others.

  2. Create your own personal brand.

    By taking the time to create a strong and personable story sharing who you are and why you do what you do, clients and potential clients will feel like they know you. Use feelings and a consistent voice so your brand is instantly recognizable. Remember people want to work with people they feel connected to.

  3. Reach out to the media.

    When people see you featured on TV, hear you on the radio or read about you online or in print publications, they’ll start to view you as a leader in your field. You don’t have to hire a PR rep or team if you don’t have the budget. Learn how to be your own publicist and sell your story to the press by checking out our recent blogs on creating a buzz for your business and giving great media interviews.

  4. Offer free consultation calls.

    They are a great way to showcase your expertise, learn more about a potential project and convert people who are interested into clients. Go into these calls with lots of energy and a positive attitude. Dig into the goals of the person you are speaking with to understand how you and your services can help solve their problems. Don’t forget to offer your services too. They are talking to you because they have a real problem they need to solve.

  5. Host a meetup.

    They’re a great way to step up as an expert and create in-person relationships that can lead to new clients and more business. By taking the initiative to arrange a meetup, attendees will see you as someone who is passionate and willing to share their ideas and expertise. Whether you’ve done it dozens of times before or you’re getting ready to host your very first one, hosting your own meetup is easier than you think.

  6. Help others in your community.

    Deep down, we all love people who care and give back. Whether you’re an accountant, massage therapist, mechanic, contractor or offer another type of personal service, there are many causes in your community where you can lend a hand. The organizations you help will likely publicize your efforts, perhaps online or in a newsletter, and you’ll meet other volunteers who may need your services one day too. Best of all, it feels great to help.

Once you've established yourself as an expert, the natural next step will be for people to start reaching out to find out how they can work with you. You’ll see your client base increase and your revenue increase. Following these tips will help your expertise shine through as you continue to grow your dream business.