9 Easy Tips to Spring Clean Your Business

9 Easy Tips to Spring Clean Your Business

Spring is here! As we bid farewell to winter, it’s a great time to clear out the cobwebs and enjoy the extra boost of energy that comes from fresh air and more daylight. The change in season is also a great time to review all the processes that your business relies on to succeed. Here are nine tips curated from the Dream community to help streamline and declutter your operations as we welcome the season of fresh flowers, green grass and sunshine!

  1. Analyze your customer lists.

    When was the last time you reviewed the contact information you have for your customers? People change email providers and move, so you’ll want to make sure your lists are up to date. If they’re not, you’ll waste time writing emails that don’t get delivered or waste money mailing targeted marketing materials that end up being recycled. Review the analytics available through your email marketing platform provider and check the National Change of Address service so you always know how to reach your customers.

  2. Send out a survey.

    Now that you’ve got your email lists cleaned up, use them to find out how you’re doing. Customers who have had bad experiences often disappear without telling you that something is wrong. This is your chance to find out and fix things before they’re spending their money somewhere else. It’s always good to hear from happy customers too so you know what you are doing right. If your business is big enough, you may also want to consider an employee satisfaction survey to gather feedback from the frontlines. Tools like Survey Monkey are great for this.

  3. Ramp up email marketing and lead generation.

    Did you invest any time this winter finding new customer leads for your business? Nurturing existing relationships? Take a good look at your email marketing efforts to see where you can improve. Your copy should be crisp, clear and jam-packed with personality to showcase your brand. Consider seasonal deals and specials to attract new people and build loyalty with existing customers.

  4. Unsubscribe and unfollow.

    If your inbox if overflowing with email newsletters and alerts that take up time but provide little value, it’s time to unsubscribe. Ditto if you are following unnecessary businesses, brands or personalities on social media. With each unsubscribe or unfollow, you’ll free up valuable time for the resources that you do want to read and watch.

  5. Seek out experts.

    Entrepreneurs wear many different hats in the early days of a business. But as it grows, bringing in experts in some areas can help you focus on the things that are most important. Marketing, bookkeeping and customer service may be part of your reality today, but spending money can help you make more money in the long run. As we’ve said before – don’t try to do everything! It will just make you less productive.

  6. Put automation to work for you.

    The benefits of automating manual processes are huge. As an example, the average small business owner can save two weeks or more in bookkeeping costs each year by automating bookkeeping through Dream’s integration with QuickBooks. You’ll also always have a real-time view of your inventory, which updates whenever you make a sale. Check out these other great apps to help you optimize your business.

  7. Evaluate expenses.

    Look at all your recurring charges. Are you signed up for any services that you never or rarely use? It may only be a few dollars here and there, but unnecessary subscriptions can add up over time and impact your bottom line. Cancel anything that you don’t need. You’ll also want to review the cost of your phones, shipping or anything else you use for your business. Talk to your vendors to see if you can get better pricing. It’s not always possible, but you’ll never know if you don’t ask.

  8. Competitive review.

    When was the last time you checked to see how your products and services compare to your closest rivals? Be a secret shopper in person, on the web or by phone. Then, tweak your offerings or pricing if necessary. You want to make sure your customers keep coming back.

  9. Take a break.

    You need a clear head to objectively evaluate your business operations. If you’ve been super busy lately, consider taking a step back to get out of your normal routine. Change things up mentally and geographically. Whether it’s for an afternoon, a long weekend or a vacation getaway, you’ll come back with a fresh perspective if you take care of yourself while taking care of your business.

If this list seems too long to tackle all at once, get started by picking one thing that will make the biggest and most immediate difference. Then repeat! Even if you can’t get to everything on your spring cleaning to do list before summer rolls around, keep moving forward. Every small step will add up to a big, positive impact as you continue building your dream business.