8 Tips to Crush Your Business Goals

8 Tips to Crush Your Business Goals

The path to entrepreneurship isn’t easy, but successful business owners reach for the stars and crush crazy goals all the time. If you’re looking to move mountains in your business and your life, it’s possible! We reached out to the Dream community and some incredibly successful entrepreneurs to find out what they are doing to power up and rock each day. Here are eight of their top tips.

  1. Your health is your first wealth.

    Keeping fit helps you feel great and gives you tons of energy to accomplish everything you want to do. Get enough sleep, eat well and make time to exercise. Several entrepreneurs told us they literally schedule their workouts each week. Others make appointments with themselves and use that time to unwind. Check out our blog Taking Care of Yourself While Taking Care of Business to learn more.

  2. Ban excuses from your life.

    When something is important, it’s important to make time to get it done. Making excuses just makes it harder to achieve your goals. If you want to eat healthier, set aside a couple of hours each week to plan and prepare your meals or pack your lunch in advance. Perhaps you want to stay more on top of your bookkeeping. Schedule a time in your calendar to enter transactions or go a step further and automate your processes by using a point-of-sale solution that is fully integrated with QuickBooks.

  3. Keep learning.

    It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, there is always something you can learn to help advance your goals. Check out classes, workshops and conferences so you can take in new industry trends and meet other business owners in the same field. There are tons of educational and motivational books, blogs, podcasts and YouTube videos you can check out to fuel your inner entrepreneurial flame. Attending or hosting a meet-up is another great way to network, share ideas, discuss challenges and learn from other professionals in your area and industry.

  4. Write down your goals and create a timeline to achieve them.

    Many of the entrepreneurs we reached out to said they use a productivity planner. Those recommended most highly were The SELF Journal and the Productivity Planner. The Five Minute Journal also gets high marks from entrepreneurs who make it a priority to read their goals first thing each morning and as the last thing they do each night.

  5. Push past your fears.

    Put your fears on paper, then let them go or break them down into small, achievable tasks so you can crush them. This is another way that a productivity planner may help. You can also talk to a trusted colleague or friend about things that are holding you back. Most of all – don’t question yourself. Look how far you’ve come and applaud all the incredible things you’ve already achieved!

  6. Find a mentor.

    It is likely that someone has started a business similar to yours and succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Whether you want to learn on an ongoing basis or breeze through a specific challenging situation, seek out entrepreneurs and experts who can help. The person you need may work in the same industry, run a business of a similar size or have specific knowledge related to your business, like marketing, staffing or retail displays. Depending on the situation, you may want a long-term mentor or coach, or hire someone on a case-by-case basis.

  7. Be a mentor.

    Once you’ve reached your own pinnacle of success, consider giving back by mentoring others. This will help expand your network, position you as an expert and you may learn something new too.

  8. Make time for fun.

    Entrepreneurs work long hours, but it’s important to take time out for yourself. Schedule social events with friends and family. Whether it’s a meal with friends or a well-deserved family vacation, work hard and celebrate often – even if it’s a small celebration like going out for dinner.

When you’re implementing any of these tips that you don’t already follow, remember it can take from 21 to 30 days to create a new habit. By being consistent, you are reconditioning your mind for even greater success! If you focus continuously on taking care of yourself and having fun, you will have plenty of energy and motivation to continue building the business of your dreams.