5 Ways to Use Video to Promote Your Business

5 Ways to Use Video to Promote Your Business

As an entrepreneur, attracting and retaining customers is a top priority. Today, there are more options than ever, including social advertising and creating buzz through the media. And, if a picture is worth 1,000 words, imagine the power of using video to engage consumers and convert them into buyers!

Case in point. Two guys from New Brunswick with a passion for woodworking quit their regular jobs and began making furniture out of discarded lumber from renovated heritage buildings. They created a cool video marketing campaign which even captured the attention of singer-songwriter (and woodworking hobbyist) James Taylor. He lives over 500 miles away in a different country, but made a point of stopping by the local shop when he crossed the border for a concert on Canada’s east coast.

Elwood’s Wood Lab is just one of a growing number of businesses using video in their social media marketing. Done well it grabs our attention, draws us in and brings more people to your website or business.

The numbers are staggering too. By the end of 2016, video of one kind or another made up almost three quarters of all Internet traffic globally. According to Cisco, that number is expected to rise to 82% by 2021. Of course YouTube is a dominant force and there are 500-million people watching Facebook videos every day too.

In fact, just using the word “video” in an email subject line “boosts open rates by 19%, click-through rates by 65% and reduces unsubscribes by 26%.”

Video content also yields higher click-through rates across all social media marketing.

So, if you don’t already use video in your marketing you need to get on top it that right away. Here are five ways to use video to help promote and grow your business:

  1. Tell your story.

    Repeat sales start with building relationships. Let your customers know who you are and what makes your business unique. Why did you start it? What lessons have you learned? What is the most popular item you sell and why do people love it so much? How are you giving back to the community? Who are you as a person and business owner?

    Here’s the video that Elwood’s Wood Lab commissioned. Video vignettes like this often require a real creative touch and are best produced by professionals. Alternatively, if there’s a nearby community college or film school, reach out to students who will be looking for great stories for their projects.

    Whether it’s a series of fully produced stories, 10-second Snapchat videos or livestreams via Facebook, sharing your story will help shape your brand’s image in the minds of your audience. Video marketing doesn’t have to be expensive either – by using great features built into social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, you can produce great videos at literally no cost!

  2. Share tips and tricks.

    Create bite-sized videos to attract new customers and help existing ones be more successful with your products and services. For example, if you run a hardware store, teach your customers how to fix a leaky faucet, install ceramic tiles or build a fence. Restaurants owners can showcase their chefs sharing cooking techniques. Tips to maintain beautiful skin would attract the clientele of a high-end spa or beauty products retailer. A golf course could offer weekly tips on how to improve your game. An auto mechanic can offer advice and tips on vehicle maintenance and safety. The list is endless.

    In addition to sharing this content on your social media channels as it’s created, you can also build YouTube playlists around popular topics to serve as an ongoing resource.

  3. Demo new products and services.

    Choose something you’ve just introduced then show people how it works and why they’ll love it. Consider previewing new items too so that loyal, highly engaged customers can be among the first to know what’s coming next. Remember to include a call to action at the end of your video so consumers know where to get more information and how to buy it too. Most of all, make it fun!

  4. Let others sing your praise.

    Customers are often quoted on websites, but video testimonials will help you take things up a notch. Nothing builds credibility quicker than seeing someone talk about how you helped them solve a problem, why a product is so great, or how they just can’t live without a service that your business provides.

    So when a customer is in your shop and showing you some love, ask if you can use your smartphone to record all the nice things they are saying. Get the contact information for testimonial superstars so you can reach out in the future. Whichever route you take, don’t forget to post customer videos to both your website and social channels.

  5. Go behind the scenes.

    Video shorts are a fun way to let your customers see the people behind the business. Do your prep cooks sing as they chop veggies? Does the business do something special to celebrate employee birthdays? Is your team participating in a charity run to raise money for the local hospital? Consumers love to learn about the people behind a business and video is a great way to show your team working and having fun together.

So go ahead, hit record, work with a student or hire a producer to show consumers all the amazing reasons why they should be doing business with your business!