5 Tips to Keep Going When the Going Gets Tough

5 Tips to Keep Going When the Going Gets Tough

Even on the very best days, being a business owner is hard work. Like the saying goes, sometimes the going gets tough! The reality is that most entrepreneurs have experienced some stress, setbacks and disappointments while growing their dream business. We’ve curated five tips from the Dream community and business owners just like you who have been through some stressful situations. Their advice and positive outlook will help you keep going next time the going gets tough.

  1. Don’t get discouraged.

    It’s harder than it sounds, we know, but feeling down and defeated only makes things worse. Instead, look at how far you’ve already come. You’re stronger than you think. Hold your head high and find your inner strength to deal with the matter at hand.

  2. Embrace positivity.

    Being around positive people is a great place to start. Beyond them, welcome positive things into your life – music that makes you want to get up and dance, a great blog or book, things that help you take care of yourself or anything else that makes you smile. Banish negative thoughts and limit your exposure to people who drag your down. Being surrounded by negativity eventually rubs off and you’ll start to feel negative too. Who wants that kind of vibe when we can make life more about rainbows and butterflies!

  3. Be grateful.

    We all have good things in our lives, but sometimes we forget to focus on them. Be thankful for what you do have – like that amazing business you’ve built! If you spend time focusing on positive things, you simply won’t have time to worry about what you don’t have. Taking five minutes to write down the things you are thankful for is an incredible way to begin and end each day. Several entrepreneurs we spoke with use The Five-Minute Journal to crystalize their intentions.

  4. Pay it forward.

    When you are dealing with a tough situation, a great way to put it into context is to find someone in your life who could use a helping hand. Reach out and do something nice for that person. Maybe it’s a fellow entrepreneur, a client, a mentor or someone you met at a recent meetup. Seeing someone else struggling and then helping them out somehow makes our own issues seem smaller, even if it’s just for a short time.

  5. Embrace your fears.

    One business owner from the Greater Toronto Area told Dream she’s scared every single time she makes a move to expand her business. Why? “It’s an incredible commitment of time and money,” she explains, “and the outcome feels so unknown.” Instead of making excuses or worrying about what she doesn’t know, this entrepreneur lets go of her fears and remembers all the times she has succeeded. Fear, she says, serves no positive purpose.

Take a deep breath next time you’re faced with a situation that seems impossible. It may feel that way in the moment, but you’ve got this! Look deep within to celebrate your success, be positive and grateful, help others when you can and stare down any fears you’re feeling. Remembering the words of jazz great Duke Ellington may help too: “a problem is a chance to do your best.”