8 Tips for Marketing to Millennials

8 Tips for Marketing to Millennials

Millennials grew up in a world of abundant choice, fast-moving technology and endless information. In numbers, they’re about to surpass Baby Boomers as the largest living adult generation and they’re the biggest group in the workforce too. With incredible buying power and a willingness to spend, entrepreneurs can’t afford to ignore the most sophisticated generation of shoppers yet.

At the same time, Millennials are demanding different retail experiences than generations before them and businesses have had the hardest time marketing, selling and gaining loyalty with this dominant group of buyers. Here are 8 tips to help you tap into this large group of consumers as a source to grow your business.

  1. Be active on social media.

    It is impossible to market to Millennials without social media. They hang out virtually and look for information on platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. Millennials also use their social networks to build relationships – and they want to feel connected to the brands and businesses that sell them products and services.

    But, it’s not all about selling on social either. Create a strategy that fosters engagement. Show your personality because people buy from people. Post interesting information about what you and your business are doing. Tell your story. Why do you do what you do? Make sure you answer people when they comment and ask questions too.

  2. Diversify your content.

    Millennials have a short attention span, so it’s important to get your points across quickly. Short videos, infographics and social media posts work well. If you have a longer blog piece, consider posting a teaser, graphic, quote or the most important fact from that blog to social. This will help encourage Millennials to read the full story.

  3. Build your reputation.

    In business, it’s important to have a good reputation. It’s even more important when you are marketing to Millennials. They want to know that others are happy when they make a purchase from you. And, they do their research.

    Post testimonials to social and on your website. Encourage happy customers to leave Google reviews and rate you on Facebook. This will show Millennials the proof they are seeking and encourage them to become customers.

  4. Emphasize durability.

    Many millennials are essentialists, rejecting mass consumerism and believing that less is more. When making a purchase, they want high-quality items that will last and they’re willing to pay more for something durable. Emphasize these features in your social media, other marketing and in-store signage. You can also take things one step further by offering a discount for trade-ins that can be reused. Then, donate the items you collect to charity. Or, offer free repairs. These gestures will resonate with Millennial audiences.

  5. Be socially responsible.

    Millennials want to do business with people who care about our world. Don’t be shy if you’re giving back in any way – whether it’s volunteering your own time, giving staff paid time off to volunteer, making donations, supporting a local cause or making choices that are environmentally friendly. Share what you are doing on social media and tag the charities you are helping to boost engagement.

  6. Share your local ties.

    Millennials also want to do business with people who live and work nearby. They like to support local businesses versus national chains, so emphasize your ties to the community. Millennials will show you some local love!

  7. Update retail experiences often.

    Businesses showcase their products and services in different ways. Regardless of what you’re selling, finding a way to change it up regularly will liven things up for Millennial consumers. They’re used to their fast-paced online world, so constant movement is something they crave with retail experiences too.

    It doesn’t have to be difficult. Think pop-up shops and installations, changing up your merchandise displays or bringing in a rotation of local artists and musicians. You can also change the way you tell your story online with attention-grabbing graphics, videos and more. Or, have your staff check customers out from anywhere on the floor using a mobile POS. Millennials will love the fun and flexibility of not having to check out at the register.

  8. Ensure a seamless purchase experience.

    More than any generation before them, Millennials expect to pay for their purchases quickly and easily. They also want to pay how they want to pay, whether it’s Interac® debit, a credit card or digital wallet like Google Pay or Apple Pay. Make sure you have a mobile point-of-sale solution that can easily offer Millennials all these payment choices. And, as we mentioned above, it’s also a huge advantage if you can accept payments anywhere in your store or place of business.

Millennials are super active online, but they are still shopping in bricks-and-mortar locations. They have money to spend, but you must get and keep their attention to earn their business. Following these tips will help you continue to grow your dream business by leveraging Millennial consumers who value speed, quality, reputation, social responsibility, experiences and convenience.